DIOR FAHRENHEIT Eau De Toilette 100 Ml | ASASA Kozmetický salón | 10% EXTRA ZĽAVA pre našich členov. DIOR FAHRENHEIT Eau De Toilette 100 Ml | ASASA Kozmetický salón | 10% EXTRA ZĽAVA pre našich členov.
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DIOR FAHRENHEIT toaletná voda 100 ml


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DIOR FAHRENHEIT toaletná voda 100 ml




Fahrenheit by Dior is an “Eau de Toilette“ designed for men, featuring woody floral notes. This scent marked a pivotal moment in men’s perfumery, venturing into uncharted territory and offering a completely unprecedented olfactory experience. Created in 1988 by perfumers Jean-Louis Sieuzac and Maurice Roger, it draws inspiration from a surreal realm that transcends reality, delivering a unique aroma and pioneering encounters for the free-spirited man seeking to infuse new meaning into his life. With its inception, it unveiled a world brimming with beauty, supreme and infinite, perpetually remaining a revelation for aficionados of fine fragrances.

The fragrance commences its journey with citrus and fresh notes such as lavender, bergamot, and hawthorn blossom, gradually transitioning into floral tones that seek to capture the essence of sweetness and feminine sensibility. Notes of honeysuckle, carnation, violet leaf, and jasmine, delicately spiced with nutmeg, emerge, leading to a finale characterized by woody nuances, leatheriness, patchouli, and amber.

  • Top notes: Lavender, mandarin orange, hawthorn blossom, flower moscadero, cedar, bergamot, chamomile and lemon.
  • Middle notes: Nutmeg, honeysuckle, carnation, sandalwood, violet leaves, jasmine, Lily of the valley and cedar.
  • Base notes: Leather, tonka bean, amber, patchouli, musk and vetiver.

MAGNETIC APPEAL. This fragrance harmonizes opposites with perfection: cold and heat, tranquility and passion, subtlety and strength, night and day.

THE FREE-SPIRITED MAN. A beacon of innovation, this scent is an ode to the free-spirited and energetic man—a relentless pursuer of his convictions, modern yet steadfast in his resolve.

SCULPTURAL FLAIR. The bottle design, inspired by the sculptures of Brancusi, is a true masterpiece. Its gracefully curved silhouette gradually transitions from its cap to its base, showcasing a stunning color gradient that shifts from black to amber, with hues of fiery red in between.


rok: 1988

Parfuméri: Jean-Louis Sieuzac & Maurice Roger



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Váha 0.3100 kg
Rozmery 62 cm
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100 ml



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